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2002-08-08 20:24:57 (UTC)

My Mistake

So my life is fucked right now. I've got my Nathan and I
hooked up with another guy last night. I'm soooooo smart. I
knew I wouldn't be able to keep it from Nathan so I told
him.. without him asking. He said if I had acted like
nothing was wrong and pretended nothing had happened it
would have made me a slut in his books. Well at least he
doesn't think I'm a slut. It didn't feel right when I
hooked up with Matt.. I couldn't even remember his name for
a while there. I talked to Qory today..he asked me why I
hate him. I didn't realise you're not supposed to be mad at
someone who mentions your best friend twice when you're
hooking up with him..and the second time is that if she
asks he doesn't remember it. Well today he told me that the
only reason he said that was to save the friendship.
Whatever..I'm sure it was. I liked him before Jenn even
knew him. I was the reason they met. Fucking piss me off. I
guess for a while he had been mentioning me to his friends
because Matt told me he knew my name from Qory mentioning
me a lot. Wa-fricking-hoo. Anyways I gtg. I'm not in the
best mood and I don't know if Nathan is ignoring me or if
he's really doing something else. Later.

*~.o.0)*Born to please but taught to tease*(0.o.~*