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2002-08-08 18:34:22 (UTC)

procrastination is the key

Today's goal...pack like there's no tomorrow.
What's actually happening today? Procrastination. That's
right folks. I've got scrapbooks to update, online
journals to update, pictures to take, emails to check and
send...these things are obviously more important than
Who am I kidding? I have approximately 60-ish hours until
I leave. 8 of these in which I will be working. 7 of
which will be spent driving back and forth to WCU, and at
least 5,6,7-I have no idea really...but enough time to get
Daniel settled in. Anyways-so the point of all this math
is to make me realize that I need to pack. Problem #1:
Before it's always been my madness scattered all over the
place. However, now Daniel's stuff is everywhere too. I
hope we end up with just our things. Ha. I don't think
tenor music would do me much good, nor would he need my
coffee maker.
Tonight-I get a haircut. Then, hopefully I meet up with
Bridget Elise, who (who, whom...I never know) I haven't
seen all summer. Time for picture sharing, story time,
etc. Should be fun.
Julie comes home Saturday. I'm saddened by the fact that
I'm just going to miss her. She's coming in town, I'm
leaving. However...this fall...I make road trips. So,
hopefully Chapel Hill will see me soon. :-)
Tomorrow-I work. My last day. I'm actually going to miss
Did I mention that I loathe packing?

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