bay turtle

This is Reality?
2002-08-08 18:10:35 (UTC)

Senior year

I'm getting ready for Senior year, getting ready to make
some of the biggest decisions of my life.

I'm scared stupid.

I just got off the phone with my guidance counselor,
dealing wiht a major schedule conflict- I had four classes
scheduled for the same two periods. Oops? It's worked out
now- not the schedule that I wanted, but it's what works.
The upside is that I go in late on one day, and get out
early another day. I only have three classes a day- yay! I
don't have lunch, but with orchestra one day and early
release another, I won't need lunch.

I'm really tired today... I woke up four or five times last
night. I just haven't been sleeping very well. Sometimes I
sleep for a long time, sometimes not long at all. I think
I'm just really nervous about this meeting next week.

This entries are so.. dull!

Okay, I've got to talk to WVG abotu dropping chorus now.
She's gonna have my head. For some reason, I really could
care less.

Everybody keeps asking me, "where are you going to college?"

I'm working on it, I realyl am. I just can't seem to get
ten minutes of quiet to work on it. There's only so much a
person can take at one time!