Full of Secrets
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2002-08-08 17:30:48 (UTC)


I am pretty upset with Kyle. He nows that I am mad at him
for lieing about moving and everything. Dee told me her
sister and Grandmother saw Kyle in New York the other day.
And then last night I was talking to him online and he was
still pretending that he was in Colorado. I don't know what
to do because Kyle is so sweet and I can't stay mad at him,
but I don't just want to let it slid that he keeps lieing
to me. I've also found out all the horrible stuff he did to
Dee. He's such a player, but then he's just so sweet and
innocent around me. I don't know, maybe I should confront
him. But he said that he didn't want me to mad at him and
that he can't stand everyone being so angry with him. He
said he couldn't change what he's done in the past only try
to help the people he's hurt. I don't really want to get
involved with him and Dee. But they're both my friends. So
I have no clue what to do. I'm all confused. I went to the
library so I have plenty of good books to read. I've been
reading out loud to Jasmine, my cat. She seems to actually
know what I'm saying and understands it. I think she likes
it. We had fun at the Great Escape. Except we both got
major sunburns, youch! Well I'm going to go read to my cat.

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