The Witch

The Bearer
2001-07-10 03:30:54 (UTC)

Poji's place

Attended classes and got to face Mr. Chew who teaches
Economics. He asked us to write a memorandum to the college
management to continue Mr Chew's contract teaching in RIMA.
Sounds pathetic but that was the truth. I think he's a lil
bit 'weng' in the head. I was hoping that the college will
get rid of him and replace him with the 'serious' one I
mean teaching in order. Part time student like me doesn't
have time to contemplate a notes all the time and figure it
out by ourselves. What's have been done is done. So far
things went well and the environment is calm and healthy.

My baby picked me up after classes and went to Poji's place
since I hadn't seen him for quite sometimes. Went Shah Alam
to pick Bung Indra and straight to Uptown. Reached home
late, get stoned and bed. Love my baby very much. Muahs.