point of a distorted view
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2002-08-08 15:55:26 (UTC)


Last night I was so depressed. I thought my cat got
outside and ran away. She isn't an outside cat. This
morning I alerted the neighbors of our situation and looked
around. No luck. Long story short she was under the
couch. And there was much rejoicing. Which allows me to
think of...other...things.

Go buy a johnny the homocidal maniac comic book and laugh
till you DIE a horrible miserable PAINFUL death of drills
and moose and such.

hey, that waas pretty good. I should make that my quote of
the day.

see you all or not. I am not a satanist just because I'm a
pyro that raises turkies! Wait I DON'T raise turkeys!
Stop the rumors! Stop the lies! Stop the mind
games! ::dies::