Fishnet Goddess

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2002-08-08 14:33:31 (UTC)

Party Last Night

Last night Gini, Garrett, Travis and I went to a party
just a few houses down the street. I was totally unaware
until now, but a girl I was friends with a long time ago
(probably about 4 years ago) moved in down there and was
having a birthday party for her boy. Her name's Autumn (my
middle name), and her boy's name is Joe, I think. It was
his birthday, and I'm pretty sure Gini said it was Autumn's
boy that was celebrating a birthday. Anyway, Gini and I got
stoned at the house before we went, and Garrett and Travis
drank Duffer beer. Courtney (another friend of mine, from
Madrigals) was there too, and Brittany Epperson (a friend
since Shorecliff's), and Chelsea (Autumn's sister and my
friend). It was fun, and everyone I didn't know was super
nice to all of us. I'm really tired though. I didn't go to
bed until 1:30, and I had to wake up at 5:45. A little more
than 4 hours is usually my minimum, so I'm okay, just a
little out of it.
Ryan got sick in South Dakota with a really high
fever, so he might come home today or tomorrow (which would
be almost a week early). I hope he does. Obviously, I hope
so because I want to see him, but since he's sick, he
really should come home, because it's better to be sick
here than there. I miss him so much. Okay, that's all for
now, bye!

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