Manifestoes From The Amusement Park
2002-08-08 14:18:13 (UTC)

Silence Speaks Louder Than Words

So.. my "best friend" hasn't really spoke to me for like..
2 or 3 weeks. Honestly, I wouldn't mind. I lose touch with
a lot of people, some I wish I hadn't but, I've learned
that people go in seperate and sometimes totally different
directions. Who I am to get upset if someone wants to take
their life to a place that I am not in, you know? I am a
point of being an understanding peson. I accept people as
they are. Just don't come to me and tell me you care about
me and that you miss me so much it causes you pain and then
continue the silent treatment. Silence speaks louder than
words.. volumes louder in my opinion. My whole deal is,
just be upfront about who and what you are. I tell people
right off the bat that I am a hypocrite even though my
biggest pet peeve in others is hypocrisy. I constantly
contradict myself. I give really good advice that I can
never seem to apply to my own life. If you ever get into a
bitch fight with me, I will win, I am ALWAYS the bigger
bitch. I am one of the biggest nerds you will ever meet.
How are you doing? I am upfont about all of my faults. Why
can't others be like that? If someone came up to me and was
like, "I'm gonna be a total prick to you from now on.." I'd
be fine with that person. I need some sincerity and some
genuine people. I am so sick of people saying one thing
while thinking another. Of course, I do that as well...