Herr X - Let the Unknown Equation be X!
2001-07-10 02:18:58 (UTC)

Off from my hiatus

Not much here today. Woke up to a good ol' sunny day. Took a photograph. Few days ago, I got a new camera. It was a Nikon 65 and I had a sigma lens. It's really cool, my mom got it for me 30% off. I like Nikon bodies, they've got that traditional feel to them.

Well, I took a personality indicator again (various in fact). Looks like I've ended up being an INTX this time. Whenever I read the descriptions of INTJ or INTP, I think they fit me a lot. I guess I am one by default. My mom told me to stop labeling myself. Lemme say this MOM, Labels are not only for canned foods. Well, I might as well not say any nouns in that case. After all, a noun IS a sort of LABEL.

So what else happened? I'm getting a higher understanding of everything. It's nothing interesting. After all, my life is here so that I can seek the truth. It's my duty in life. Everything else isn't so important, I guess.

Well, did some more cartooning recently. Looks like I'll be putting a new one later. My jokes are a bit crap, I suppose it's due to my overdeveloped thinking and my underdeveloped feeling. Ha ha.

Summer's here at last. I suppose I'm quite happy now. My head's filled with ideas, thoughts, and all that I can cram into it. I hope my sister won't spoil it too badly. I was kinda happy that she got a job. Without my computer, it's like taking a drug away from me, I guess. I kind of get pretty bad tempered and weird when my sister uses it. I must be quite hysterical. Hmmm... ok hell, end of the entry. All over now, folks.