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2001-07-10 01:34:35 (UTC)

my butchered article.

I was on the newspaper staff my junior year. I sucked
writing news articles. It isn't my style. That isn't my
niche. I like fiction much much better. I wrote one
article that I loved. It seemed great to me. I wanted it
just as I had it. I even titled it myself because it was MY
article. I wanted to call it "Uniforms through the eyes of
experience." My stupid classmates chose "Uniforms: one
person's perspective." I think it loses some of it's power.
I did manage to pull an A though. It goes as follows....
Recently many schools in Kentucky have taken up uniforms as
one of their school policies or they are closely looking
into such a change for the future. I must adamently
dissuade them.
If uniforms should become an integral part of dress codes,
we face a major problem. Many students will test this
policy and too much attention will be focused on dress code
violations, and not enough on learning. There is also the
point of favoritism: some kids will be able to stretch the
dress code to the limits while others will be punished for
the smallest violation.
It is thought that uniforms are cheaper, which is why many
parents are in favor of them. this, however, is NOT true.
Most uniform clothes are sold at the more expensive stores
such as J.C. Penny's and Bacons. They are NOT cheap. Also,
after wearing the same clothes over and over throughout the
school year they are bound to wear out and it will cost to
replace them. In addition to this, I do not know any
teenager who is willing to wear their uniform clothes
outside of school as well as in. This means that it will
also cost money to buy clothes for after school and
weekends, not to mention summer. It seems much smarter and
more economic to allow students the choice of what they want
to wear, with limitations.
Teachers seem to think that grades improve with the
enforcement of uniforms, but this too can be proven wrong.
Students tend to work better when they are comfortable and
speaking from experience, uniforms are not that comfortable.
For those teachers who worry about students being too
comfortable and falling asleep in class, that is where the
old, uncomfortable desks come into action. Who can fall
asleep comfortably in one of those?
Lastly, there are some people who are under the impression
that uniforms will be the great equalizer in schools, but
this too is a falsehood. If someone is going to belittle
and make fun of someone else, they are going to do it no
matter what kind of clothes a person wears. Uniforms still
have name brands and a certain type of clothing does nothing
to change a personality. Uniforms can only be looked at as
a hindrance to the development of our personalities and our
sense of self, they should hold no place in school.