Giving in
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2002-08-08 09:01:22 (UTC)

it's been a while

howdy all, i've not posted nething in quite some time. a
lot of shit has happened in the last seven or eight
months. i was living with devon when i last posted. at
the tail end of december i moved into my apartment. my
friend pj was supposed to move in and even signed the
lease, but then shit got complicated, he was going out with
this girl rebecca and she left her house to live with him
and his mother in his mother's apartment. she didn't want
to move in here so he didn't. that kinda got me pissed
off. but at the time i was working at acts and had enough
money to pay rent. sometime in late november and early
december i quit staples. that place was starting to suck
ass. i continued working at acts and was able to keep up
with my rent payments. i also got a new-used car a week
and a half before i moved in here. all sorts of shit
happened at my apartment since then. there was a killer
new years eve party, there were a lot of people and all
sorts of drinking. every weekend thereafter, there was a
party here or something, i drank a lot. especially after
kris broke up with me. if i haven't mentioned that at
all. i went out with this girl kris that was a friend of
devon's, and unbeknowest to me devon didn't like this at
all. apparently, devon started liking me again or still
did. it might have been because we were living together or
something. well after the costume party in new hope, kris
and i started to see each other a lot. devon was pissed at
me for quite some time. it took me a while to make her
understand that is was not her, just didn't think it was a
good idea with me living in her house. so kris dumped me
and i started seeing jenna again, then she broke my heart
again not too far after i took her to her school dance.
after jenna stopped being interested in me again, i started
seeing lauren and kateri and juliet, not at the same time
just in a very tight series timewise. then a lot of other
things happened. i'll try to keep them in chronological
order as best i can. my neighbor moved in and he is a cool
guy. he's 27 and an IT guy like me. his first question to
me was do i party. it was really funny cause he knocked on
my door during a small but good gathering. almost party
like in appearance. you'll have to excuse my spelling it
is almost five in the morning. i think i might stay up all
night tonight. i really don't know. we started hanging
out a lot, my neighbor and i. we've become really good
friends. we hang out all the time and he is thinking of
moving in with me now, which would be cool. a little
tight, but cool. both of us are a little tight for cash
and it would help. i quit my acts job cause they were
giving me the run around about my temp status and pay
raise. it really sucked. i now work at a video store part
time. i like it a lot. my neighbor is a good guy and one
of my best friends. my birthday party was hot there were
like fifty people, it was nuts so much drinking and smoking
everyone i knew was here. i started seeing juliet and
there was a lot of partying and a lot of shit happening.
we started keeping stats for dalmuti for the purpose of
ranking people. we've been playing dalmuti a lot. i also
started to learn how to fix my car, i am wuite proud. i
put on new brake pads and a new alternator so far and i
helped my neighbor to fix randy's car. i really enjoyed
that. i had a brief go at the band thing and that fell
through after like six months. it was cool while it lasted
but we just couldn't get shit together. i don't know what
else has happened, a lot of shit. i went to eminem two
weeks ago in camden, i liked it a lot, it was fucking hot.
i am planing on going to tool in august in philly here. it
should be cool i saw them last year in sept. i don't know
i've written a lot and can't think of nething else, so i am
going to go and maybe i will come back tomorrow or
something and post some other things. peace out.