The meanderings of a mind
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2001-07-10 01:21:19 (UTC)

high school folder

I found this description piece in all my old papers I am
going through. I want to keep it. So I'll type it here.
This is from my Jr. year. and I got a 95 on it.

The sun glistens off the ocean's calm, crystaline surface.
Squalking seagulls fill the salt scented air with their
unique song. White crested waves pummel the sandy shore,
packing the rough sand grains of the beach. Clouds, fluffy
as fresh biscuits, drift in a clear sky. The crash of waves
echo against the rocky cliffs. Fish dart beneath the
gleaming water, spashing once, then darting away.
The storm comes slowly, softly sneaking on cat's feet over
the ocean. The sky turns gray, the clouds black and angry.
Lightning splits the black ocean of sky. Calm waters churn
and howel with rage. The sound of birds is silenced,
replaced by the boom of thunder. Gently rolling waves
become beasts, grasping towards the pounding rain.
The wind whips the lone figure's black cape around a thin
body. Salty raindrops slash against the uncovered face.
With arms raised like a lost worshiper the figure kneeled on
the cliff-top, paying no heed to the pain of sharp rocks
digging into boney knees. Head pointed heavenward the
figure praised the rain, pelting like and avending angel to
the eath below. In nature one can always find solice and
beauty in a beast.

This was intitled a beautiful beast...