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2002-08-08 07:30:08 (UTC)

wow.. its been a while!

Well, its been a while. Sorry! Anyways.. I start school in
5 days! YICK! But! The Dashboard Confessional and Weezer
concert is in 3 days!! woo hoo!! I'm so excited! hehe! I
didn't get to go to BFD 9.. where Dashboard Confessional
was too, so I'm really looking forward to seeing them!! But
school is coming up, and I'm so not looking forward to it,
at all! Tomorrow I'm going school stuff shopping with my
Mom. I'm not looking forward to that either. Ergh. I don't
want to be in high school. I'm so dreading it. I'm so
afraid that I'll fail and all that good stuff. Because
Freshman year is like crucial... either you stay or get
kicked out. I'm really happy to be glad in a different
enviroment with oodles of other people, but, I will miss
being with the same 33 people that I have been with for the
past 8 years. They know me better than anyone ever. Now I'm
going to be around like 100 times that many kids. I won't
even know half the kids names!! haha! So it goes..
OH YES! My new favorite book is Slaughterhouse-Five by:
Kurt Vonnegut!! That book is so awesome!! So now To Kill a
Mocking Bird is my second fave.. hehe! If you haven't read
either of those books.. go read them NOW!! Anyways... yea..
nothing really new happened. I found that I'm the only
person who can make myself truely happy. I've had many
break throughs lately.. weird. haha anyways! I'll maybe
talk to you guys later!