It smells like poop over here
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2002-08-08 05:38:55 (UTC)

no more war pigs have the poweeeeeer!

ozzy fuckin rules. i just got back from ozzfest. it was
totally badass. i spent over $100 and got sunburned like no
other. it's awful. i knew not putting on sunscreen would
get me a litte burned, but i want a nice tan, so i figured
it'd be ok...wrong! it's jut on like, my neck, arms and the
upper half of my face. i have a watch tan line and
wristband tan line, from my black leather wristband.
perfect day though, sunny, cool, i was only sweating once,
during hatebreed. it was such a perfect day.
oh man, there was so much pussy at the show. all day
long, me, rich and travis were elbowing each other to point
out hot chicks. it was like every 5 seconds. i musta fallen
in love like 6 times. i only got to see 2 full sets of tits
and a side view. at '99, i saw at least 6 girls flash.
travis got the phone number of some girl, and i merely
watched others. there were like 5 chicks off hand that i
wanted so bad. but plenty of hot babes for all.
let's see...i saw soil, they were actually good. down
was ok, not as good as people hyped them to be, id rather
see phil and rex with pantera. hatebreed was cool. zack
wyldde's black label society kicked ass, adema fuckin
sucked. along with pulse verda or something, apex theory
and some meshuggah. drowning pool was pretty good, i like
their CD better though. POD...i didn't pay much attention.
but i sang along with "alive" and "youth of the nation".
rob zombie kicked major ass and stole the show again. he
played a bunch of kick ass songs. "dragula" "living dead
girl" "feel so numb" "american dream" "never gonna
stop" "astro creep 2000" and some stuff i didn't know.
system of a down was pretty good too. they played a
lot of stuff i didn't know, along with their now popular
stuff. but they did play "suite pee" and "war". when they
played "sugar", at the part when he says "i sit, in my
deslite room, no lights, no music..." they played like they
were down, and played a couple notes every few seconds,
then they went into another song then back into "sugar" it
was sweet. ozzy! oh man, he was bitching. "crazy
train" "bark at the moon" "mama im coming
home" "believer" "mr. crowley" "paranoid" "iron man"
and "wars pigs" it was so cool. it wasn't black sabbath
at '99, but it was damn good. zack wyldde is a fucking
sweet guitar player.
hmm...i bought, a pop, burger, breakfast and chicken
sandwhich, that was it for food. i spent $35 on some
earrings (there were 4 of em, that's good deal, [email protected]$8 and
[email protected]$10, for 12 gauges is cheap) an iron cross pedent w/
siler balls necklace. iron cross chain wallet, plain black
chain wallet for joe and i lent rich some $$$. he got these
vinyl wristbands with iron crosses cut out in them, they're
i can't think of much more, im tired and i need to
give myself the dirty handshake.


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