OnLy ½ Of Me Is KnOwN
2001-07-09 23:59:23 (UTC)

~ Hurt No More ~

So ... He's really in rehab. It's really happening. Y'know,
there was stuff said before of him going in their and
getting help, but it was never true. And apparently, he hid
it SO well that no one thought he even needed it anymore.
But the other day ago he admitted he had a problem and he
needed help. Not just with his drinking, but with
Depression. He looks so happy sometimes, but sometimes..
*SOMETIMES* if you look in his eyes you can see IT.
Something's eating him inside and it's hurting him. But we
won't tell anyone what it is. He just drinks when he gets
upset. He won't talk..
Real or not, my heart has been with HIM. Not with that
other person, it's been with HIM. And not just the image I
see, with him .. I'm happy that he's finally getting help.
It's really good that he admitted it. He's tried to kill
himself, and that just hurts me. Like I said, real or not,
I think I love him... I hope they take good care of him.