Punk Rock Princess

.:* N i k k i *:.
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2002-08-08 05:02:47 (UTC)

Sore Throat ;(

Ugh. I'm sick. Being sick sucks monkey balls! Let's see..
Last night I started to feel very dizzy and had the worst
stomach ache ever. I layed down in bed for a little bit
with Jeff, holding his hand, because I felt so awful. I
just knew any second I would upchuck all over the floor.
Thank god Jeff was home to take care of me and make sure I
was okay. *-* I think I was sick because of the cookies I
was eating. Fudge covered oreos. So heavenly. Anyway, this
morning I smelled the auroa of ciggarette smoke from Ryan.
Believe it or not, just those few minutes of letting the
smoke leak in from the windows made me sick. He had no clue
though that the windows were open and neither did I until I
looked about 10 minutes later when my throat began to swell
up. Oh well. Hopefully I will feel better later on tonight.
Tomorrow I want to go by the First Union bank and see what
I gotta do to get a job. That means I gotta dress all
sophisicated! Do I own anything dressy? ... No. Heh. Gotta
find something though. That seems like a good job. Well all
I have done tonight was look through other diaries on
deadjournal and laugh at how depressing those people are.
Then again I am one of them today I guess. I been whining
about how sick I have been, haven't I? I better shut up. ;X
Let's see. What can I talk about now? ... ::Drinks her
Pepsi.:: My throat hur-- .. er. Dangit.

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