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2002-08-08 01:19:20 (UTC)

Smashed micro virus - good things

Wednesday night I smashed a virus in micro. I get it from
Wednesday dawn and detected it at night. Because it tried
to access internet when I signed micro. I searched the
file that was trying get internet. I read it was not a
national spare of micro soft. I read the date and read the
other file it put. I read that was a virus of troya. And
I deleted entries in regedit and deleted the file and
renamed the info file of virus. And I send email for people
in list of this virus to notice them. I smashed the virus
save some micros in internet world. They have information
about lives of people. The information are their lives and
I did not go to Carol. I went but her mommy was not there
and I did not setup the printer.
I saw Mel. She was using the vanilla and caramel and pea
Good things are to be friend of people. Even people are not
yours because they do not hear their hearts. Some people
like me but do not know reason. Maybe they are giving a try.
Or they just have heard some expanded info about me. I am
not that all. I am just an Angel with a heart.
Better day for me and my truly friends in world.