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2001-01-11 19:03:22 (UTC)

well school started..

well school started yeaterday...it was ok..today was rough
though..i got totally pissed off..my math class was soo big
that they split us up..i knew half of them people in
there...i had classes with half of them last semester..and
best of all it was with kevin..but noooooo they split us up
from g-z..i was like damn..and even wprse..the other class
(not mine) has the coolest math teacher...she was mine last
semester..so i know i would have liked her..but no i got
some scatter brained dickhead..who dont knwo what the hell
he is talking about..uhhhh this and uuhhhh that...'taint
fair! i soo badly wanted to go to that other class...then
after that was one with i went t visual basic..there is one
cute guy in there but i think that class will be cool cuz
it seems ok..seems kinda fun..i have nicole and courtney in
there we were tripping out..then after that i went to the
cpu lab and guess who was in there..good ol' kevin..i sat
down and i started talking to him...he acted kinda funny
like uh oh someone might see me talking to this white
chic..i think that the race thing does bother him even
though he says it dont..but he started being a smart
ass...i dont liek it when he does that..makes me just want
to say the hell with him..i need to anyway but i dont want
to..i really ;like kevin and i dont want to let him go but
if i dont i think im up for a heart break...arrgg..anyway i
have to go to work now! :):(

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