My Life
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2002-08-08 03:09:36 (UTC)


I fucking overdrew! I always laughed at my friends when
they did it, thinking that they were just a little less
responsible than I am. I ALWAYS keep my balance up-to-
date...and while I knew I was cutting it close, I really
didn't think I was over the edge. Well...after my morning
run with Laura, I checked my balance and there it
was...minus $40. What a fun way to start the day. It
happened because I recorded a deposit wrong. I feel like
such a stereotypical college student now.

This moring was actually full of excitement, even before
that happened (at 7:15). As we passed a fraternity house,
Laura and I spotted a frat boy asleep in a parking lot. He
was sporting a white t-shirt, unzipped khaki shorts, and
mud all over both. At first I thought he was changing his
tire because his head was right behind the back passenger
tire, but as we got closer I noticed he wasn't moving. I
wish I'd had a camera. He was wearing the wristband from
whatever bar he'd gotten fucked up at the night before.
There was a "party cup" at his feet, and his cell phone was
under his neck. Laura woke him up and we suggested he call
a friend, after we answered his questions about where he
was. I wonder what all the people who passed him before we
did (at 6:15) thought. Stupid frat boys.

Well that's about all I have to say for today. I'm not in
a very good mood. I hope I can work out my financial
problems, but I fear that they will only get worse when the
semester starts. I feel so lazy lately...I need to get
some things done in the afternoons, as opposed to falling
asleep in random rooms in my apartment. I'll have to work
on that for tomorrow.