2002-08-08 02:07:45 (UTC)

Fights, Parents, Death

I had a fight with my best friend today :-( it was sad,
yeah.. LoL! nvm, im over it anyways! My parents, blah
blah, they r as annoying as hell. the one time i can get
away from everything and everyone, and just WRITE, and then
they want on the computer. sorry.. my time, not yours. my
aunt, wanted me to "hang" with her sometime. im sorry,
what are we... 5? no i dont think so! sheesh! the adults
think juss becuz THEY hung out with their dumbass parents,
means WE obviously take after every gene they have. a
piece of advice to all u parents... JUS BECUZ WE LOOK LIKE
U, DONT MEAN WE ACT LIKE U. there. My aunt ruth, have NO
IDEA who she is. never met her, but shes sick in the
hospital, and my mom told me, i was like thinking... what?
am i supposed to cry like u? how can ppl cry over
something, when i didnt even know the woman? oh well,
another mystery another day. luv always.