Book of the Purple Faerie
2002-08-08 02:05:45 (UTC)


Hee hee hee...

Two days ago, Heather and I had the good fortune to be
placed in a Wal-mart at quarter after 11 pm: 45 minutes
before Lord of the Rings was released to be sold. So
naturally, we waited around and I now have myself a new DVD
^__^ Ladies, if you haven't seen it, please do yourselves a
favor and do! Guys, do it too, it's a good movie! But dear
light, Orlando Bloom revives my hope that there are real
live bishounens amongst us... Good god, does he make a sexy
elf man...

It's been a good week. Chief got in touch with me and we've
been talking a bit (Sorry, Chief-san, I can't make myself
play FF9... the battles make me want to rip off my arms and
bash my head in). I beat Chrono Cross and entertained the
idea of finishing Chrono Trigger before realizing that my
save game is on the memory card I lent to Heather...
Whoops. I can't seem to fight the urge to play FFX again
(*involuntary exclamation* AURON!), but due to my brother's
inability to take care of MY stuff (while using my system
too, ya little...), I need to pick up another copy of the
game to replace my old one. Thanks guys; you'll notice no
large gougish scratches in YOUR PS games, might I add...
I'm also going to be nice and pick up my dad a copy of the
new Bruce Springsteen CD. He asked me too and since I'm
headed into Erie for a doctor's appointment tomorrow
anyways, I'll do it for him. He hurt his leg playing
softball last night... Poor Dad. I keep forgetting he's not
so young anymore...

My Grandma Kirsch has still not gone to the faire like she
wanted to... and this weekend is Wine and Romance week
(*Akira-like DUH DUH DUUUUUH*). I said I wouldn't touch
that weekend with a 10 foot pole, but for Grandma Kirsch...
I would. I also feel badly because Heather supports me, but
wants me to go. And I don't want her to feel like she did
anything wrong. But there's also a Newara picnic on Sunday
and some relatives from Chicago are flying in (I have
relatives EVERYWHERE, I believe...). So we'll have to see.

Great excitement as Michelle returned from Otakon on Cloud
9! Major squealage from me and Heather to that, and
excitement for a long-promised visit and pictures of many,
MANY hot, cosplaying men! Alex didn't have such a great
time, but next time I'll go to keep him entertained! I'm
good at that, and Alex needs someone who knows how to read
him and cares that he's having a good time around at times
like this...

TWO NEW TERRY PRATCHETT NOVELS!! Well... old novels, but
newly re-released! Witches Abroad and Reaper Man! Hurray! I
love the witches and Death has always been one of my fav's!
You just can't go wrong with Terry Pratchett!

Caity needs to be brought out of her house again, but this
time because she's sick, not anti-social. A bug has been
going around... we went to visit her at the library
Tuesday, but she didn't work due to illness... so later

That's all for now! Sniff Sniff Snarf!