Visions Of Life
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2002-08-08 01:02:35 (UTC)


I was on a mini road trip last week with my dad and
brother. The whole purpose was to pick up a car my dad
bought for me in Indiana but i actually had fun and it was
an awakening. But more on the awakening later.

We drove to Sterling Colorado the first night which is like
2 hours away or so. The next day we drove to Omaha and went
to a Bohemian resteraunt. My great grandparents on my dads
side used to live in Omaha and they were Bohemian. I love
Czech food so much. Yum. Anyways. We drove to Des Moines
and stayed the night there. I got to swim and thats always
a plus. The next mornin we drove to Cedar Rapids where the
National Czech/Slovac museum is. We ate in another Czech
resteraunt then toured the museum. We also stopped at a
Czech bakery and bought Rye bred and koloches which are my
favorite pasteries in the world. Next we drove to
Elizabeth, Illinois and stayed in this house my dad was
rebuilding. Elizabeth is a small town and is really cute. i
go a chance to play pool in a small town bar. The one we
went to reminded me more of a 50's soda shop but they had
good pizza. I like my bars smoky, loud and dark. We drove
to Knox, Indiana the next day. Thats where my car was. We
stopped at this ski resort and rode an alpine slide. In
Knox i picked up my car and got to play pool in another
small town bar. I loved that bar in Knox so much! Plus
there were cool people to play pool with. The next day i
walked along the beach of Lake Michigan and then me and my
brother started driving my car back to Colorado. We did
other random things along the way and i did have a fun
trip. My dad and brother had a huge fight right before we
left so that wasnt pleasant. I had so much fun driving my
car back. We didnt stop anywhere for the night and I
basically drove most of the trip myself. That was an
adventure. Over 15 hours of personally driving while
sleeping maybe an hour and a half. It kicked ass. My car is
a 93 Lebaron and everything is basically new on it. I
already had a car but i love my Lebaron too so I will need
to sell a car soon because im poor and need money. Like I
can complain that much. i have two cars and eat steak and
crablegs for dinner. Im am so suffering. lol. But I owe my
mom alot of money so I need to take are of that..

You know what shocked me? All of those middle states are so
green and lush and actually have trees. I thought the
midwest was just corn and flat plains. i didnt think they
had trees. Those states are alot prettier then Colorado tho
we have gorgeous mountains.

And now The Awakening.. Dun Dun Dun

On my trip I realized something. My dad loves me. I havnt
felt that for 12 years. It was amazing. He has been working
in Colorado and I found out how much he is making and also
realized most of his money goes to me. He is only doing
this so he could buy me a car and help me out
financially.We also talked about school and my future and
all of that stuff. I have been so stressed about school. He
gave me some good advice. He said that when i talked about
school and my future, it seemed like i wanted to do things
so in the future i could make money. When i list things I
really really want to do with my life, they have nothing to
do with nursing school or anything i planned on doing. he
said to just do what i want. Go to school for educations
sake and quit worrying about if the class i want to take
will count towards a degree and to quit worrying about
whether the degree i want will help me find a job. He has a
history degree and has never used it. So basically I am
going to take the classes I want to take and see what
happens. Im thinking an English or History degree. I am
also going to relearn French. School will take me awhile
because I work full time but I will learn and be happy. To
hell with what my mom has been saying. I can deal with
working in retail for a few years. Also, I do want to get
into politics and he is going to help me with that since he
was in office for awhile. More on that later.

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