One Fucked Up World
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2002-08-08 01:01:15 (UTC)


Today I had to work and it sucked. My brother who works wit
me kept bitchingat me and I wanted to slap him. God I felt
so stupid. He told me I was stupid and that I couldn't do
anything myself. Do you understand how it feels...?
I hate my life. My family sux. They tell me I am ugly
and fat. I may be ugly but I don't think I am fat I mean...
I am 5'6 and like 115 is that fat??? Ahh it makes me feel
so low. Its gay ya know? I mean they say they are joking
but still it dosn't feel funny to me. What should I do?? oh
yea get this. I have asthma and I had anasthma attack last
week during my soccer game, and my brother made fun of me
saying I was a pussy and had no life. Ahhh I hate it. Thanx
for listening to me complain.