Ghetto Beebo

Living it for da LoRd!
2002-08-08 00:55:52 (UTC)

Tough day...

I woke up wit muh shoulder hurting and it still is..i dunoo
why...but i believ dat god did dis on purpose to show me
dat muh hurting is no where near what others are goin
through...physically or mentally or spiritually...and i
appreciate da lord's caring to take time off his schedual
to pay attention to me...he's awesome.

Anyways...muh day was good for da most part...besides da
fact dat i was sittin home and didn't go out and didn't do
anything all day was good.

I started thinkin again today about wha's gonna happen when
i finnish high skool..."she" told me not to think about dat
and jus live life right now...but is jus hard not to...i
dunoo wha will happen..will i leave da state...or will i
stay...will i leave da people i love for da sake of
eduaction or will i stay for da sake of dese people...i
dunoo...and da one person which i'm afraid of not seeing is
da girl i've been talkin about for da past, well, all muh
messages,i think LOL. I really don know waht to do
anymore...i need prayer...i pray about it and see waht da
lord will tell me...i know he's got plans for me, but i'm
human...i wanna find out sooner...but i'll wait..cuz
everything works out fo da good.

Dear Lord, I jus wanna put before you all da thoughts in
muh mind...da thoughts of leavin after high skool or
staying...i'm not sure...i dunoo what you want me to
do...and i'm me to have patience..and help
me not to worry and jus put everything in your
hands...after all...your da creator and you have a plan for
me. Thank you for dis blessed day!
I hope everyone who reads this...would send me a
message...sike...j/k...jus pray for me!

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