i dont like breakfast
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2002-08-08 00:40:35 (UTC)

ohh cool

saturday: i did nothing with krystna. she slept over

sunday: chilled with krystina, she went to work. then avril
sleep over! janine adrienne dena and krytsina. krystina
came over at like 12. adrienne left at like 11 because she
had school. when krystna came over we chilled. then we
wanted food. so we thought.. "hmm dominos delivers til 2am
lets get food" so krystina goes back to her house to get
money her dad flips out and its this big crazy thing.

monday: taco bell. mmmm yummy. then babylon. hung out with
ashley cd and christina. it was funnnnn. krystina slept

tuesday: got taco bell agian. slept over krystinas. watched
figure it out. jenknee slept over too. it was funnn. i
talked to babaloga and deliman152 in my manly woman voice.
haha... "how big is your babaloga?" wew atched gold
diggers. looked at squirrel nuts.

today: went to SS. mad fun. we went on a lot of rides. saw
a lot of funny people. people are so weird, i dont think
that they see it. there are also some heffas in this world.
well i was hitting on this kid who was doing the family
tubing thing. haha

me - ::jumped in tube::
me- mmm my fat is hanging out and my thighs are big, i bet
you like that.
me - ::splashes the kid::
him - ::smiles::
me - you are such a playa
him - i wish

haha he wishes he was a playa! well we got lunch and the
chicken was if-fy and the fries were gross. we ate so
much.. haha. it was good. then we lost our key to the
locker so we had to pay 5 dollars and then carry our stuff!
idiots! the new ride is totally fun, but short. and i dont
like climbing those stairs. kel cried, i got food. went
home, listened to the less than jake cd i bought for my
spouse (krystina). fell asleep. now im home and i fell like
i have a fever. twisted said to put warm compresses on my
forehead, lol. i miss deliman152 and babaloga. lol peace
yo ;)