sex kitten

life of a porn star
2002-08-08 00:21:35 (UTC)

its just too much

well tommarow is the second last day of my job at the camp.
last night was the family picnic and barry brought his mom
it was cute lol. then this morning we were both early and
we were talking about school. it was really cool bc he was
making an effort to talk to me and of course i was all shy
and it was so pathetic. then we went on a feild trip to
some park where we had this big picnic....ok this is
getting boring so im gonna vent about my attraction to
barry. he is about 5'6 and very tan. he has dark hair and
the friendliest brown eyes. when he smiles it makes hiis
eyes sparkle. so yeah thats barry. but he is 9 years older
than me. but i seriously have never been attractedt o
someone the way i am with him. he is so cute with the kids
and evn if i think of him or see him i am automatically
turned on and i seriously follow him around and dont talk
to him so he must think im spt other than that he is so
nice and i can feel the way my eyes light up when i talk to
him. so he must know i like him, but once agin i fear

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