Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-08-08 00:12:31 (UTC)

5 Days To Last Rites....

Well, the grrl.

Damn, what can I say. She's all I've ever wanted in that
someone special. If she were to ask me to stay I would drop

Thats the kind of grrl she is.

Sigh, oh bloody sigh...

Ah well, at least she has been fun to hang around with, I
don't think I have had this much enjoyment in a very long
time. I appreciate her more and more each day. Damn.

Never let it be said that life is easy, nor that things
never work out the way they aught to. I would have sex with
her, but that would just ruin the last week, and that is
not something I could live with very well. So, tomorrow I
shall give her a rose, a card, a chocolate truffle, and a
kiss on the hand. And that shall be that.

So, I am packing up my stuff, loading all that I really
require into 3 bags and soon I shall leave for london. 5
days left to go. Yay!!!

To those who read this, I say, thank you! I shall write in
it again probably in 2 weeks or so, or whenever I get the
time between now and monday when I leave. SO fear not, the
ranting will continue until I am dead. Even if I am mostly
dead they shall continue. heh, heh.


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