humming bird

my F***ed up head
2001-07-09 23:13:44 (UTC)

Door County

hey it is like monday or something and me and nikki just
got back from door county yesterda and i have =never had
that much fun in my life no joke! i leanred how to ride a
four wheeler and i ran into a tree the first time but i was
only in first gear so it didnt do any damage and then i got
to thrid gear and i was so happy and so i not
the biggest loser u know!?!?!? but so anywayz and then i
went on a waverunner and nikki's dad threw me and nikki off
the back of it but then the second time we took him with us
and we went go-carting and i havent ever been go carting
and some old man was like running into me truying to get
ahead of me so i like ran into him back it was funny and
we went to this fourth of july parade and we saw this
hottie in this gas station i was like omg!!!! and we saw
more fireworks then like i ever have b4 no joke it was like
every night we set off frieworks at the jordans house. it
was great i like got to have a lil bro for a couple days
cuz this kid eric he is 10 it was so fun i like wanted too
take him home so i could have a lil brother...and there was
this other kid up there erics older brother tony who was 14
and he was really cool and i kinda liked him but i am going
out with matt so that was an off li,mits situation but i
dunno it ws just cuz like he was someone diff u know he was
so like mellow all the time and yeah and we went to see
scary movie 2 and it was sooooooooo funny me and nikki and
tony snuck into it.... oh man i had so much fun u dont
even understnad it was soooooooooooo fun i like did not
want to leave and there was this car up there that i want
sooooo bad and yeah so tongiht i am going to samis house
and i am gonna see matt for the first time since i got back
and u would think that i would ba all super duper happy
about it but not so much i'm like in some need to be free
mode but thats alright i am sure it is gonna pass and i bet
as soon as i see him i will be all like oh i love matt
again but yeah i unno i just wanna be single bc i wanna go
out with derek and have fun with him u know i mean not
necesarily do "stuff" with him but just be able to hang
out with him and to know that i could do stiuff if i wanted
to even tho i prolly wouldnt i dunno if that makes any
sense....... but yeah and like i wanna be able to do stuff
with luke. of all ppl in this world he is the one that i
want to dostuff with bc i know for a fatc that he is a
really good kisser and i dunno just i am gonna shut up now
bc if one of my friends reads this then well then i dunno
but if they do they better keep their mouths shutabout
everything... but i gotta go so i wil; write later