nobody cares
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2002-08-07 23:48:25 (UTC)

i need an idea PLS HELP

so im back from my blah vacation ... well it wasnt a
complete blah i mean it was fun from thurs to sat night but
then my cousins went back in there bratty ways..
i could go on and on about what went on but that would just
be to boring for me to write.. and right now im soooo hyper
so i dont want to bore myself
was his namo
i once said to a friend. actually two seconds ago but thats
besides the point.
i feel like jumping off a cliff or something into some
water just for the fun of it (and a friends gave me that
wacky idea today)
ahhh what to do what to do.... if anyone has an idea please
helpme i want to do the most wackiest thing so please send
me wacky things and ill do them
im that stupid!!! but hey it will be fun!!