Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-08-07 23:34:33 (UTC)

To Whom It May Concern

To my surprise, my sister is going off to college in a few
weeks. I'm really happy for her. So happy in fact, that I
wrote a poem that's really for her. I'm going to include
it in the collection.
The title to the poem is "To Whom It May Concern"...it's
one of my favorites. It would make a really good song too.
I know I'm rambling on here. But the point to writing this
entry is simple. I realize now that I truly love my
family. Though that might sound kind of corny, sappy,
maybe even wimpy, I realize that family is surprisingly a
major theme in my collection.
I'm dedicating the book to my grandmother.
I've written a really good poem for my sister.
my father will probably be mentioned somewhere in the book.
all in all a surprising family affair.
I'm leaving you with some unsurety as to what the final few
poems are in the collection. But I am close enough to
finished to begin open mics. Soon I will perform some of
these babies to the audience.
Pray for my success, because I'll need it.
Thank you all, and hopefully I'll hear from you again soon.
The Mad scientist

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