the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-08-07 22:53:46 (UTC)


Hehe I feel like such a fuckin' fourth grader...ok, so I
like this guy in my camp -- he works in a different
division than I do, though, but whatever. So I like him,
and we talk a lot, and people always tell me that we look
and act sorta like a couple, and we look so cute together,
and that we're good for each otehr and stuff. So today, we
were talking, and (hehe he let me wear his hat -- and no
one wear the hat ;) ) and he asked for my number, but we
didn't have any paper or anything. So I gave him my sn, cuz
he said he'd remember it, and he said he'd prolly just get
my number from me online.
Then, he said I could wear his hat all day on Monday :)

Haha I'm definitely feeling like a 9 year old girl right
now, with a crush on the unobtainable 17 year old brother
of a friend....



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