Mysterious Attitude
2002-08-07 22:36:39 (UTC)

oh.. hele's notez

K... here is another list of things I gotta write about...
I'm so bored right now, and I plan on updating this this
Friday. So bear with me.

~*~*~BOYZ & EVENTS~*~*

Paul- going out wit-breaking up with- going back out with

Getting Paul's b-day gift

Chris- Calling me and wanting to get with me

Mike- Chris's friend (calling me)

Ryan- Wanting to get with me

Seeing Eric and Bobby

Talking to Eric how much he is like me

George- Starting more chaos with me

Alexander- calling me and wanting to get with me

Alex- calling me & wanting to see me again

Bobby- wanting to see me again

Matt- Chatz we have had

Thoughts on Justin

Joe talking to me more


Going to Mall and movies wit Stephanie

Fighting with Erica and her moving

Emsmerla- just talking to her

Other thoughts

Krissy- breaking up with and getting back with/Jacob

Nicole- going out with

Andria- talking to and staying the night and going to Shock-


My mom getting into car wreck


Going to Pam's party

More poetry I've written

Survey about me

List of people I talk about

Going to high school

Justin and Mine experience- The Story

The results of an online personality disorder

Other peeps surveyz

Emailz I have recived


Well, I think that is about it. If I figure out anything
else I will be sure to put it in here!!