The End
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2001-07-09 22:41:03 (UTC)


We as humans spend a huge amount of time in our lives
grieving. We grieve the loss of friends and loved ones but
we grieve at other times too. We grieve when we have
survived a tragedy or find out we are dying from some
disease, cancer or find out we have a mental disorder of
some kind. It doesn't matter really what it is. We grieve.

Now why do we grieve? We grieve because we are resistant to
change. We would rather wallow in envy than change. By envy
I mean...if you lose a lover for example you feel bad
because you want to keep things the same (resistance to
change) covet that which you cannot have (resistance
to change). Sometimes we never leave this stage. Envy is
resistance to change.

As long as we resist change we have no growth. In order to
grow we must accept change. We have to accept the fact that
our lover is not coming back, or that we have ADD, or that
we have cancer. Whatever it is. Accept it, let go
and you move on. You grow. You grow stronger as a person and
you learn a lesson that will help you grieve a little less
the next time.

So next time something happens...yes take some time to
grieve....but will yourself to step thru door number 2...and
see what is on the other side.