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2002-08-07 21:29:16 (UTC)

Its been a while so this is..

Its been a while so this is gonna be vauge..I am in love
with two men. One I can seem myself being happy with 3 kids
for the rest of my life. He kisses like no one I have ever
kissed before. He brought me a rose once and said that when
he took in its smell that it was the same as being in love
with me, so beautiful. He left rose petals from the front
door to my bedroom and trailed up onto my bed with another
dozen waiting for me. He wrote in glow-in-the-dark paint "I
love you" on the celing above my bed. He didn't care what
weight I was or how long my hair was, I am beautiful to
him. He even told me that I am his perfect woman. He
always gave me foot massages and looked deep into my eyes
to tell me that he loved me. He still does. He wants to
marry me, have kids and support me for the rest of our
lives. He wants no one else he has said to me. But I feel
no passion when I am with him. And it gets annoying after a
while ( harsh of me eh?) so over bearing. Then there is
that man I am currently with. He protects me and showers me
with presents, tells me that everything will work out.
Wants to be near me often and isn't annoying about it.
Takes me places I have never been and tells me he loves me
and is very affectionate. He is my security and wants to
marry me as well. He wants to build a big house for the and him as well. But with him there is lacking
that passion as well. He does mention how weight and looks
can be an issue but that is him being completly honest. The
way I look is not an issue to him now and he tells me that
I am sexy. I have big time emotions for both of these men.
I dump one and get with the other and then vise versa. They
don't know about eachother and its begining to kill me..I
am going crazy ...I just need to talk this out and that is
why girls have diarys, not so that men can peer into them
and see thier fuck off you losers pompous male
swine...I am a ho, go ahead and call me that. I am a slut
and bitch and I know all this because Jezabel has told me
so. Maybe a three way with them would make me feel
better..Ha Ha!!

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