the daily life of a dork
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2002-08-07 20:29:29 (UTC)

yay! yesterday was fun... hmm i hope mai friends aren't mad at meeh

yay! finally got to hang out with ray yesterday hehe it was
fun. even though i was running around like a chicken with
its head cut off lookin for mai friends. mayn how many
friggin ross stores are in the area!!! i couldn't find
huong and hue at all when i had to go back to find them.
haha mayn im such a spaz first time i saw ray i ran the
other way to the bathroom haha but i really did pee so it
wasnt a bathroom trip wasted. mayn i was hella scared
though. haha lucky i didnt fall over wait a minute aww mayn
i did. haha im such a dork. seriously though i was friggin
petrified, prollie cuz i think thats mai natural reaction.
see cute guy run other way come back then end up running
into him haha. it was funny though he called me in the
bathroom and was like go to the mystery section. i
purposely passed it up to check if he was there waiting for
meeh so i went back around the fiction to the back and then
i remember thinkin hmm something smells good haha then i
turned around the corner and whaaa!!! haha i bet the
bookstore has me on watch now as a menace to readers. hmm
it was a friggin drama goin on with the whole meet huong
and hue somewhere at ross cuz im not good with directions
and mai dorkass forgot them all and mai stupid cell ran
outta batteries. I NEED A NEW CELL BATTERY!!! haha omg i
saw minh nguyen aleesha's old crush actuallee he liked her
for a lot longer than she liked him. umm not a good
improvement there he needs a haircut and umm he looks
better without highlights. haha what am i talking about i
was the one who had to get hair gel outta ulta. hehe i used
their hair dryers too. mayn they didnt plug in the
straighteners. so yeah rode around in the car for a while
got weird looks from people mayn i must looka lika freek or
somethin cuz like everyone we passed looked at meeh all
weird. it was freakin meeh out!! hmm so yeah ray took me
home. haha stole a kiss on the cheek as i went in for a
hug cuz hey it was national kissing day gotta b patriotic
and all that good stuff. hmm maybe those chain things do
work haha naaawww. hey gotta admit that was cute though
and hey iono maybe he liked it cuz i got one back hehe
(^_^) newayz im out gonna go feed mai fish!! hi fluffy

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