Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-08-07 19:29:45 (UTC)

Here we go

I find it very depressing that, although the mass of the
population attends school for aprox 12 years of ones life
very little is actually taken in during the whole process. So
you know how to read, and add and subtract, but unless you go
to college and study math or architechture or banking in two
years will you remember all aspects of the quadratic formula.
or the 16 aspects that unify all known civilizations??

my first day of school was fine. I was called an old black
man despite the fact that I am most obviously a white female
of an undeniably young nature. I saw lots of people. Joe's
groing out his hair again. good. I saw, his
hair could use a little............... something. I saw abs,
and holly, and elyse, and barbie, and a few people I could
have done without seeing. I saw billy after lunch, he still
hasn't cut his hair. I saw him, and I know he saw me, but I
walked right by him. It hurts to talk to him. It hurt to look
at him. The moment I saw him I thought Nick! then I thought
ugh! god, stop it!don't do that then I thought Why not! and
then I thought I should stop talking to myself before people
began to stare. Even though this was all inner dialouge.

I hate that place. It makes me crazy. I saw luis, and that
was nice. I told him to call me, mabey we'd hang out
sometime. Then I left. I only have 2 text books, which is a
good thing. I haven't talked to ross in a while. Holly has
incriminating pictures. I need to get them from her! later, I
am going to we go

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