My Life!!!
2002-08-07 18:26:33 (UTC)

I got it!!

I have the perfect plan now!! I know what to do for Will's
birthday!! Ok well first im gonna stop at IN & OUT and
pick up his favorite thing to eat there, then im gonna go
to his house and pick him up, then we are going to the park
and have a picnic!!! And maybe after we can go to my house
and watch movies all night!!! I just hope he likes it! I
am doing all this tomarrow....Im praying that everything
goes the way its planned!!
I finally talked to Angie yesterday. I called her and told
her we needed to talk! I told her that she has been acting
weird and that i have noticed that she has changed. And
she was like well i have noticed that u have changed and
that she says i act as if my whole world revolves around
him....WTF is that about...i see the guy only once or twice
a week...yeah i talk to him everyday but thats it!! She
knows when he calls and she is just trippin about stupid
ass shit!!! I dunno what to do...im confused!!! IM
I finally got my CD burner...they had to put it in my
sisters computer...i dunno why...but atleast i can burn my
own CD's (again).
Im gonna go download some music now...ill write back
*Buh Byes* *muahhhs* *hugs*