my life...over all
2001-07-09 21:57:25 (UTC)

he's a summary of my life over all

ok...i'm 13 years old and turn 14 in Nov. My name is Sarah.
I go to school at Reniassance Academy and i have 2 dogs and
two cats.I have somewhat of a heard life becuase my dad
travels and i only see him 2 days out of the week. It's pretty hard.
The kids at school used to ask me if my parents were divorced and it
was like... NO. but It still bothers me tho.MY best friends R kassi
and ashley. My other friends from school R Ashley r. , Ella,Rachel,
Amanda,Erin and so on.well i wen tout w/ 2 guys this year. i went out
w/ matt for 2 mo. and i went out w/ zack for 1 mo. i really liked
matt. We were really good 2gether except he was going through a tough
time and it wasn't working out at all so i dumped him. and then zack
and i. he was one that i was surprised that we got 2gether. i never
really noticed him untill kassi started going out w/ his twin
brother. and i found out that zack liked me so i said...u kno we
wouldn't be so bad 2gether. so we went out. we made a pretty good
couple untill summer came up and i broke up w/ him cuz summer
relationships are we broke up. and now i'm sitting
here talking 2 all my friends on aol that dont kno what the letters
BRB mean. and zack is emailing me and it's like i'm fallig 4 him all
over again.but then i don't like him. it's confusing a frustrating. i
did like this guy named Tom. but that was like 3 mo. ago. and derek (
zack's twin) convinced me to ask Tom out last week and untill i
actually realized what i really did...Tom had read it already. i mean
i concider me andd Tom really good freinds. i've always thought on my
own opinion that he liked me but always denied it.kassi likes him 2.
and so do other girls. But then i was talking about matt last to
kassi it's like i just started liking him agian. i liked matt like 5
times this year. and i just don't kno. he's actually a real jerk
underneath but there's just something about him i can't let go. oh
well. Now i've heard that alot of guys liked me but there were not my type. like i heard that this kid Jeremy liked me
and so did ned. but ned likes kassi to. personally i think tom likes
me and kassi but just doesn't want to except it. and brad! OMG Brad.
kassi has had it for him ever since i could rememeber and he likes
her too but he's to much of a full-of-himself jerk 2 admit it. he's
jerky but he's nice at times to. and Justin...he's kinda unpopular
but i kno he likes me 2. so does zack brezon and zack (my ex).
maruice and Joey do 2.Anyway.I'm just hoping tha there will be more
of those really great guys next year. i like can't wait till skool
starts. i'm getting a perm sometime next week and i absolutely love
skool. i not only have a really good social life but it also gives me
something to do and to wake up in the morning to. i enjoy it. not
alot of people do. My one teacher is like my best freind. she's like
the cooles. well i can't wait for skool and i hope that kassi and i
stay just as close as we R now. We'll be trendsetters!lol. my life
isnt half of what i wrote 2day...this is only a summery. i'll give u
more info. 2morrow. gtg....

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