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sumtimes life gets alittle bit crazy
2002-08-07 17:53:29 (UTC)


I wasnt planning on seeing him yesterday. Because I had a
dentist appointment, and well the whole left side of my face
was numb and well i called him after i got out of the
appointment and i was telling him that I really didnt want
to go home yet because my stpmom and i had got into a fight.
and i didnt want to go back home and hear her B.S. about all
the things that my brothers and i have done to hurt her. or
whatever she sits there and thinks of to make herself dwell
in so much self pity. but ..... umm i dont care really i
dont talk to her that often and all i have to say is that
no one is forcing her to stay here if she thinks its so bad.
.... so i ended up going to see jason even tho i felt so
stupid with my face being numb it made me feel ugly ....
anyway he didnt seem to notice or whatever and it made me
feel better. and there was just something different about
how i feel when im with him. i just feel so good and
relaxed. Anyway, his other grls. the other grls that have
been calling him and stuff that he went out with before
me.... well hes getting really stressed out about all that.
i dont know ... anyway i will write more later.