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2002-08-07 17:20:31 (UTC)

I'm so sick of this shit man......

I don't get it.... soooo many guys man. But I just can't
seem to find the right one.

It seems to be that the only good guy is the one who is shy
at first with you, then is cool. Weird how I figured it
out. See, if a guy gets all freash with you then you know
that all he'll want is sex. DUH. But if the guy is cool
with you and talks to you, then you know he'll be cool with
what you say and do and won't just want sex. Whoa....weird.

I kinda figured it all out just now.

Yesterday I was at Mountain and Surf checkin' out my board
cuz I didn't know wtf was wrong with it. I would push to
make the board go but it just wouldn't fuckin' move that
far so I asked the guy there. He rode it and checked it out
and said it was fine. I think he was more interested in me
or somethin'. Lets just say my town isn't full of girl
skaters. Very few live here.
So I went to Zumiez (my favorite skate shop) and asked the
guy there; just to get a second opinoin. He looked at it
and said the balls in my barrings were shoot to hell and
that I needed new ones. He told me that and I was
like, "WTF?!" I knew something was wrong with them. I'm
just glad it was the guy who sold me the deck a few days

Fuckin' yea..... not a big delema (sp?). I've had bad
days... trust me. A few days ago I got into a fight with my
dad (again) and I was all up in his face (which I don't do
cuz I give him resepect), then I told him to kiss my ass or
something but I was sitting in a chair holding a pillow so
I threw it down and tried to run into my room. He grabbed
my arm and threw back down into the chair. I tried to get
up again but he yelled at me. I went insane right then and
there again. He told me I was becoming violent. I was
like, "Fuck you dad." Didn't say that to him cuz then he
would smake the shit outta me.

I really hate it here. They blame me for shit I don't do
just to make themselves feel big. Well, they're not. They
make me see them smaller than an ant on a rock. They make
me want to run away for the shit they say. When they take
something away that I hold close to me as something I need
to stay alive and sane they take it away. They say my
friends cause all the insane behavior and shit but what
they don't get is that it's all them. Oh! But no! We're
such good parents! It's just desaplianary actions to keep
her in check. Yea! Well how bout I just fuckin' disaplin
myself by....... god knows what.