a little piece of me
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2002-08-07 16:27:18 (UTC)

talked to heather again!!

so i finally got to talk to heather again last night. it
was great. she's so much fun to talk to. plus, i can talk
to her about anything. i know that she won't judge me for
anything i do or say. that's very rare in a friend. i'm
so lucky i have her. she means more to me than she can
possibly know. i love ya heather! don't forget that.

i have to go to work soon. i really don't mind the job.
it's better than any of the others i've had. i'm going to
talk to the boss today about benefits and such. after my
30 days (which ends this week), i'll be getting a raise,
too. that will be nice. we could use the extra money
around here. it's not like we're going to be poor
forever...but right now things are a little rough. it's
ok, though. i know we'll be ok. eventually we'll get
caught up :)

well, it's almost time to get turtle up so he can take me
to work. he needs the car tonight, so we've had to do some
rearranging of schedules. maybe one of these days we'll
get another car. that would be really helpful. qwigy says
hi. she's such a doll. all fuzzy and cute. mean as hell,
though. hehe. ok, i gotta get going. glad to be back!
miss everyone! talk to you again soon heather.