Anand Bose

2002-08-07 15:49:45 (UTC)

Penelope Weaving Penelope

Weaving Penelope Weaving

Daylight of writing and night-coloured dreaming makes the
journey of the labyrinth endless as narratives!
Fiction has no end of being possibilities; the possible
fiction is end of the impossible.
[email protected] from God's own Country or the
our loved "KeralaM"

Greek Stephen Daedlus and Our Keralam'S Peruntachan... The
Greeks had their amazing

architect "Daedlus" who build the "labarynth" and Our
dear "Keralam" has got the legendry hero "Perunthachan" who
taps rocks and wood as music and diffrentiates the Feminine
from the Masculine, to make life of art the architecture of
Music. Anand Bose/Vadaketh/from Dear Keralam or God's Own
Country . I am available at [email protected]

Atharone as the Art Being

My development into a writer has been a detour into art,
philosophy, psychology and literature. In my love for
reading as well as writing, I've tried to be original... It
would be dishonest to unacknowledged great spirits who have
influenced me. Out of my thinking I've decided to develop
a "Metaphor called Atharone defined as pure Art of Being.
As a representative model for Atharone I've selected
Rodin's Prodigal son. I have re-christened the Prodigal son
as Atharone. Atharone as Rodin's sculpture remains gender
free. Atharone has been derived from Sanskrit and the
Vedas, which were one of the oldest literatures of the
world. There are four Vedas and the fourth Veda is called
Atharva. Its a book of magic and medicine, but it was
taught by the guru or master only with caution for fear of
misuse. Due to the Oral nature of transmission, the
contents of the original Veda may have been lost of
received in fragments.. Atharone grew out of my thinking,
which had its obsession with Rodin’s thinker, and the lotus
seated Buddha. But I felt both of them were to fixated and
rigid.... Rodin’s thinker is too stiff with the rational of
his posture and Buddha, I found too flaccid in peace. So I
blended the Orient and the Occident as "OXIERIENT'to
create 'Atharone' who is represents a pure art of being for
evolution...The Rational rigidity of the Thinker, and the
static peace of Nirvana are combined into a dynamic of
movement a 'dance', a celebration, and also anguish- which
is existence in being "HUMAN Humane as ATHARONE. Atharone
is moving with the joy of the being in celebration