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2002-08-07 15:37:11 (UTC)


Dear diary,
Things have changed a lot between my first entry and now.
Obviouly it's been a LONG time since then and I don't know
I guess thing are starting to take a more positive turn.
Let me fill ya in first. Ok the "special someone" I had
been talking about is my now good friend kirk. See I had
the BIGGEST crush on him but it just turned out he wasn't
the guy for me. More or less my friends type. We're really
good friends now that we've gotten past that whole issue.
School was TERRIBLE for me last year. I just couldn't
handle the pressure of dealing with peers, teachers,
friends;it all just turned into a repeating blur of
miserably getting up every morning to get sick at school. I
just didn't feel that it was worth it. I would get
headaches, stomaches, dizzy, and shaky just because I
couldn't stomach every day doing the same thing. My
appitite changed and I've lost a lot of weight weither it
was because of my stress, or my (very pitiful) dieting I
dunno. I started seeing my school counsler when I realized
that he was gonna make me tell my mom weither I did it or
he did she WOULD find out. i thought I was deppressed. I
really did. now I'm seeing a theripist. I've meet a GREAT
guy who makes me feel good about myself and my mom and I
have a some what better understanding of each other. I'm
afraid to go back to school after this great vacation. I've
made a lot of progress and I'm really afraid that's gonna
go down the drain when school starts up again but we'll
just have to see.