Thoughts to Share
2002-08-07 13:48:06 (UTC)

back to work

Yesterday I was released from the doctor....the oral
surgeon that removed my wisdom teeth. I still have a bit
of swelling. I look puffy. Still eating soft foods,
takes me a long time to chew, can't eat things I want. :-p
(Which may not be a bad thing.)
Daniel and I went to Tar-get and bought some things we
needed for school. Office Maxx too, to get a planner so I
can remember everything.
Worked for the first time in over a week. I was SO
excited to go. I think just b/c I was getting out of the
house. But...back to the normal stressful, dealing with
rude, mean, angry people...but I made it. :-) I only have
2 more days. Gonna be a bit sad. I like working.:-(
After work I went to Beth's house to hang out with her and
Blake. We watched the Lord of the Rings....part of it.
The 3 of us had been to see it when it came out this past
winter. It's such a l-o-n-g movie, we didn't make it
all. Her mom had made excellent brownies. Yum.
Today-I must call CU...b/c they're idiots in the business
office and can't get anything done. Change the sheets on
my bed so I can take my comfy t-shirt sheets back to
school. Then...lunch with Beth and Blake. Pizza. I'm
craving me some pizza.
The house is a mess. Mom has started back to school and
has even less time than she usually has. So, amongst
packing all my things and washing all my clothes...I must
also do the dishes, take out the trash, do some laundry.
Oh yeah-and I work today. I should probably remember that.