My Life Is A Damn Worm-Hole
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2001-07-09 19:39:04 (UTC)

I hate working CRAPPY JOBS

Hiya all
This is me Caz signing in for my very first diary entry.
Wow I have never kept a diary in all my 28 touching 29
years of my life. Maybe its because im getting old but hey
anyway as my title entry shows I have the most Crappiest
job in the whole wide world. Cleaning up other peoples
shit. Man it sucks. And whats with my language Im getting
all americany not that im complaining I love the country
and the people so if any of you people from over the water
there wanna bug me well dont I have enough shit in my life
and I dont wanna have to put uip with yours too. Okey
Dokey im done for whining tonight catch up with you all soon

P.S its way too muggy here I wish it would just piss down we all
know its gonna.

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