Mind of a Wierdo
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2001-07-09 19:24:00 (UTC)

First of All

OMG! I kno I should have put this in here a really long
time ago. OZZFEST! That was a hella cool concert. You kno I
honestly wish TIMMY could have gone. It would have been so
cool. Then again I wish Chris would have gone but he had
summer school and he doesnt really listen to that kind of
music. But no worries cus I didnt get my way anyways. I had
to sit with my stupid brothers friend. But that concert was
really cool. I enjoyed it. I almost got my tongue pierced
but then my dad would have killed me. Hahaha o well. Maybe
next time I will do it anyway. I loved Drowning Pool. I got
all their autographs. I love them. Okay I feel really ditzy
now. Ummm okay ... first of all .... that was almost a week
and a half ago and I am talkin about it now? Don't ask
where it came from cus I have no clue. Okay well yesterday
was interesting. I went for a drive as I said in my
previous entry. And later that evening who knows what
happened. I forgot. No I lied ... I ended on the phone with
Chris for about an hour and a half. And then later around
11 or so we were on the phone again. I cant really tell you
how the conversations went (whether they were good or bad)
because I honestly cant rate these ones. They aren't
rateable. Here I am wondering what everyone is doing again.
Okay well I kno some of them are at Summer school right
now. And I am sittin here at my computer WISHING I was at
summer school cus SUMMER SUCKS!! I should ummm .....
runaway or something. At least then I might have some fun.
No worries about my parents going looking for me cus I
already kno that they wont do it. I should kno ... they
told me that. But o well... at least I can say I got out
right. Runaway and go visit TIMMY in Virginia
hahaha ....... sorry buddy I might get lost. Hehehe I dont
really plan on gettin lost. Give you a surprise visit
hahaha .... I have got to stop tellin all my secrets
hahaha. O well. I hope you are enjoying yourself in
Virginia. Be sure to come back and visit in the future. I
am not asking you .... I am telling you. Okay
well ............ uh huh ....... yep