Cute Chaos

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2002-08-07 05:52:48 (UTC)

Amber's Surgery

Last night I was up late watching Remember the Titans.
Which is a really good movie. Amber comes down this
morning at 8! I had to get up because she was leaving for
the hospital. I have been so sleep deprived! I hope that
everything goes well for her.

I got great news last night too. Sue and two of the
rugrats are leaving today! Natalie and Charlie are going
home. The 4 boys play so well together and there is very
little fighting then. Just less kids PERIOD! I love MJ and
Zach to death but MJ can be a handful by himself let alone
with 3 other kids around.

To day went by so slow. We watched two movies, X-men the
kids did not really understand, but it is one of my
favorites! I had to explain the whole movie to them... and
they still did not get it. They wanted to be outside most
of the day. I sat around and read magazines when I was not
playing with them and they ramped with their bikes. We
also went over to the putting green. Wow, do I really suck
at golf! Zach is really good. He has been working on his
putting and his chipping. Although I guess he wants to do
football more. And tomorrow is his first day of practice.

Everything went so much smoother than I expected it too.
Amber’s surgery was GREAT! Although, she might be
hospitalized for one more day and over night. Mike said
that she was all drugged up and in a lot of pain. What do
you expect when you rip someone's womanness out of them! I
would be too. The kids behaved very well. A few fights but
that is just brotherly stuff. Getting them to bed was
fairly easy too. Some problems picking out the movie but
other than that... GREAT DAY!