2002-08-07 05:48:47 (UTC)

a thank you

"wow..i know this is gonna sound corny but im only 14
b 15 in a month but just when i read the 1st couple
enties.. it changed the way i saw life as the way i acted
the way i lived it changed me.. it taught me something me
and my friend read what u write all the time and compare
are situations with it and they are like the same i mean..
its weird the family situation the friends.. the way u
about how people act like they are suicidal .. i think ur
doing a great job pooring ur emotions into words on a
computer to have the world see it .. its a way for people
to relate and no offense but see that their not the only
ones going through troubles and have some thing to lean on
reading what ur going through.. thank you.. "

thank you. that really touched me. a lot.
if you ever want to talk or anything...
anyone really.
my email is [email protected]

write whenever and whatever.

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