Cute Chaos

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2002-08-07 05:34:43 (UTC)

Running Around

My dad scared the shit out of me when he woke me up this
morning. He just walked in and I jumped out of bed! It was
pretty funny. He was pissed because I was up so late on
the computer last night. Oh well what can I say. I had a
lot to write about!

I am going to be spending the night at Amber's house. He
surgery is early tomorrow morning. I am really scared for
her. I hope that everything turns out ok. It is going to
be weird just Mike and I around the house though. I don't
really feel comfortable around him. I like him he is not
out to hurt anyone but it is just weird!

Today I hung out with Wally all day. It was cool. We did
things all jacked up though. We like ran between WA and FN
all day. There were not job openings at Quad. There are no
jobs anywhere so what is the difference. At least he has
the Pizza Hut interview tomorrow. I am going to miss
seeing him in a suit. We went to get him a hair cut and
like I kept pushing that he get #3 clippers in the back
and have 1 inch left on the top, cause it looks really
clean cut. I did not think that he would do it, I just
figured that he would get it trimmed. He didn't though. He
got it cut just like I said. That shocked me. While I was
waiting from him to get done I saw like 500 planes and won
the game for that day. It was sweet. We were going to go
to SubWay for lunch, but something happened and we ended
up at Taco Bell! I guess I was hungry cause I hate like a
whole burrito. Taco Bell always fills me up! It was hella
funny though. Wally ended up with burrito all over his
face again. Just had to laugh! We stopped for gas and I
saw Luke! It was weird. I also saw like three chicks with
femulets! (spelling?) More Halo. This time I got my ass
raped though, because Chris was playing with us.

I packed for like a week over at Amber’s. I don't want
them to have to run me back and forth. Sue is in town. She
has Colton and Cody with her, also Natalie and Charlie are
over! Plus Sue is like the laziest person alive. She is
over weight has back and heart problems and doesn't do
anything. If I were her I would want to get in shape. This
week should be very interesting. The kids were really
happy to see me. They wanted to show me like everything
under the sun. It was cute. I got the biggest hug from
Natalie. She looks so cute. I have not seen her in about 2
years now. It was a hassle to get them to bed though. I
just kind of slipped off when I could go unnoticed!


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