Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-08-07 05:26:19 (UTC)

my life

uhh da last couple dayz i've mainly been chillin' wit
jessica. we kool again. my mom pissed me off. so i left and
whuz gone for like 4 dayz. it whuz crazy. i came back
during da day for a lil' bit and den left again and stayed
da nite at jessica'z boy'z house. well, my mom apologized
and itz all good now. tiffany is pissed again. over stupid
shit again. she is so jealous. oh well. newayz XXX is
cummin' out friday. im suppose to go wit jenn and steph,
and mayb meet lindsey diana and jessica up der. and im
suppose to go to wof wit jenn and steph dis weekend too.
and justen wantz to c me. and sumhow i wanna meet up wit
chris from lathrup too. how confusin' der just aint enough
time. oh yea and raymond and adrienne want me to alwayz be
up at southwood. saw andrew up der today. his friend whuz
askin' me and jessica a whole buncha questionz. it whuz
crazy. he said i looked 16 and jessica didnt. haha. a lil'
mean but funny. newayz jessica is still stayin' wit her
boy. school is in 2 weekz. so soon so soon. summer went by
sooo fast. and volleyball try-outz r on da 12th and i cant
get my physical til da 20th. so i hope ima be able to go to
practice and shit. well i think i found da perfect shoez to
start da yr wit. aint dat tzzight. i need to go shoppin'
and i need to start gettin' all my shit for school. yea
well datz whuz been goin on. i'z out.